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3 big topics discussed during the Clark County Commissioner Meeting Tuesday

Police, officials discuss recent crime uptick on Strip
Posted at 12:45 PM, Oct 06, 2020

CLARK COUNTY (KTNV) — Clark County Commissioners held an important meeting covering topics from the recent rash of gun violence on the Las Vegas Strip to the cost of your next food delivery.


An important conversation on the agenda is a report from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Capt. Dori Koren about recent violence on the Las Vegas Strip.

Koren says while sexual assault and robberies are down significantly, but aggravated assaults, including stabbings and shootings, are up significantly.

So what are the police doing?

In August, the department initiated Operation Top Gun, taking 63 illegal guns off the Strip in a month.

In September, they started Operation Persistent Pressure, bringing extra officers, resources, and partners to the LVMPD Convention Center Area Command.

In just that area, the department has made 340 felony or gross misdemeanor arrests last month, up 16% from any month in the last two years. Koren says, as a result, assaults have dropped.

Also on the docket, a new ordinance clarifying caps on fees that food delivery companies can charge.

The rule was put in place in response to skyrocketing delivery fees at the beginning of the pandemic and the commission says, instead of abiding by the cap, some companies just added other new charges to skirt the rules.

The ordinance will not get a vote today and is scheduled for a public hearing on Oct. 20.


Finally, Commissioner Larry Brown has called for a discussion among commissioners about sports gatherings.

This comes in the week following Gov. Steve Sisolak's relaxing of rules, allowing for low or no contact youth and adult sports to be played in Nevada.