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City fines property owner nearly $73,000 for short-term rental home

Posted at 10:20 PM, Mar 08, 2018

13 Action News tried to speak with a woman the city accused of running a short-term rental out of her home without a license but she was in no mood to talk. When asked if she’s running an illegal rental, Neu Nili merely closed her garage door and said nothing.
Nili’s son, Tom Nagar, asked city council for lenience on behalf his mother as officials fined Nili nearly $73,000 for renting out her house  on silver avenue on sites like AirBNB and Homeaway. “My mom makes sure to screen every guest, letting them know there's no parties, gatherings, events loud music allowed at the house," Nagar said.

The city said Nili made about $108,000 in revenue from about March last year through last month.

City officials said Nili applied for a short-term rental license at least twice but failed. "The code enforcement officer actually went out there 22 different times to make contact at the property," said deputy planning director, Mary McElhone. "She knew that she was not supposed to be operating as well."

Some neighbors complain that Nili should abide by the rules. 

“She thinks that she should be able to break the law and profit from it," said Kirby Wells, a homeowner.

Estraia Matelich, another neighbor, said "people who don't follow the law should be penalized."

The city posted on its website guidelines for doing short-term rentals, the right way. You must secure a permit as well as obey noise, parking and trash regulations. And you cannot rent out the property for parties, weddings or other special events. We’ve included a link to the city’s website.