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Chinese delivery apps helping sustain business at Chinatown restaurants

Chinese delivery apps
Posted at 9:01 PM, Jul 18, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Businesses of all types have been hit hard by the pandemic’s economic fallout. It has been especially hard for Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, but thanks to some Chinese food delivery apps, they’re staying afloat and even thriving.

Workers are busy filling orders at Shanghai Taste with some being for take-out food through Fantuan or HungryPanda.

“They bring us a tremendous amount of business. Just yesterday we did 50 take-out orders between those two companies alone.”

Managing partner Joe Muscaglione says these Chinese food delivery apps are popping up at restaurants all around Chinatown.

“They’re very professional and well prepared. They’re prepared and organized. They have a beautiful point of sale material,” he said.

“We have more and more restaurants and more and more joining us. We have new orders every day. The numbers are climbing up rapidly," said Zhiyang Liu, the business development specialist for HungryPanda in Las Vegas.

He says ever since they started in September in the valley, more than 100 hundred restaurants are on the app, many of them Chinese restaurants. He says the service has helped them continue handling orders, despite seeing less foot traffic.

“People were locked down in their house and wanted to try different dishes from different restaurants,” he said.

Liu says what is key for platforms like HungryPanda is language, focusing on the Chinese-speaking market and catering to them. It’s something traditional delivery apps are lacking.

“For us, we have our own drivers who speak Mandarin or Cantonese. It’s kind of easier to communicate,” he said.

Muscaglione says that element is huge with many mom and pop restaurants that may not be familiar with a non-Chinese clientele.

“It took away a lot of the struggle that could have been by making it easy and accessible,” he said.

With Vegas now reopen, he says… take-out orders from the apps continue to be consistent, believing the service from Chinese delivery apps is superior to more established apps.

“I’m pretty sure these companies are going to take over a lot of the non-Asian businesses soon because they deliver better,” he said.

Liu says the success of HungryPanda is leading the platform to expand its offering to include all types of restaurants.

“Our HungryPanda slogan is to fulfill your Chinese stomach… but personally I would love for HungryPanda to fill everyone’s not just Chinese stomachs,” he said.

Liu says HungryPanda is looking to now launch the app with an English language option next month.