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10 children of Las Vegas police officers awarded $5K scholarships

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 07, 2018

Ten children of active duty Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police and corrections officers will be granted a scholarship in honor of two local fallen officers.

The Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo scholars will each receive $5,000. The scholarships are paid for by Henderson Kia.

13 Action News spoke with two of the scholarship recipients. 

Sierra Harding is very proud of her father -- a LVMPD officer.

"Whenever he leaves the house when he's all dressed up in his uniform I look at him and I just say wow. He's leaving my house right now to help other people."

But the pride comes with a heavy burden for her family and an expectation for Sierra to be disciplined, just like her father.

"I know my mom is always worried about my dad when he's away at work and she tells us how much she loves him... ever since I was young I know I've been held to a higher standard. Because my dad was a police officer so I knew I had to be an example."

She was able to set goals and meet them. Now she's heading off to college in Utah with the Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo scholarship.

"This is not just a scholarship this is a huge memorial scholarship so obviously it's about metro and all the fallen officers. It's a huge opportunity and I'm so thankful," says Harding. 

Another scholar, Jerrod Batu talked about his challenges in school.

"Growing up towards my 8th grade in school I didn't really have much friends because I was just trying to figure out who I was and what I was thinking."

Batu was bullied. He looked to his father for wisdom which now,  he's passing on to others.

"Sometimes I use his own quotes to help my friends during tough situations," says Batu.

Jerrod's father, a corrections officer, was his inspiration.

"When I was younger, when I was watching my dad go through the academy I saw how hard he was studying."

He followed his role model's footsteps - excelling in school, doing community service, and now he's working to fulfill his dreams to become a computer engineer.

Characteristics that landed him the scholarship.

"With this scholarship I feel like I can try my best more and further pursue my dreams and goals."

The fourth annual Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo scholarship recipients are: Jerrod Batu, Sierra Brambila, Alexa Breanna Culver, Richard Golgart Jr., Karlton Hank, Sierra Harding, Devin Lopez, William McCullough, Sophia Newton and Nicholas Parascando.

Beck and Soldo were killed while eating lunch in a local Cici's restaurant on June 8, 2014. They were killed by Jerad and Amanda Miller, who then went into a nearby Walmart and killed Joseph Wilcox, who attempted to stop them. Police shot and killed Jerad and Amanda killed herself before she could be taken into custody.