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Cheyenne High School could be first CCSD school with permanent metal detectors

Posted at 10:06 PM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 09:34:18-04

This spring, there were a string of safety scares at Las Vegas areas high schools. Once again the conversation shifted to improving school safety. Among the suggestions were metal detectors. 

"I know they do it at some of the urban schools," said Felicia Hamilton, a local parent who lamented how easy it is for anyone to gain access to public schools in Clark County. "I don't know what the issue would be or the problem would be in the more suburban schools because that's where most of the killings are happening."

An anonymous business donor has offered to pay for metal detectors at Cheyenne High School. Cheyenne would be the first school in the district to have permanent metal detectors and daily screenings. 

"I think that's great. I think that's awesome," said Hamilton. "It will protect our children here in Las Vegas."

CCSD Trustee Kevin Child supports metal detectors at all schools. 

"Safety is the number one factor that we have because I want all of our kids to be safe. We want all of our kids to be safe in the Clark County School District." 

Child said with the district facing massive budget cuts it just doesn't have the money to make that happen. He would like to see lawmakers come up with another source of funding dedicated only to security.

"It's another layer of protection," Child said. "Would we love them? Absolutely, but again it comes at a cost. And you have to have someone who is with that medical detector and you have you pay them."

There's also the issue of school design. Detectors work best when there are few entrance and exit points. A lot of schools have multiple entrances. 

Within the past two years 34 guns were found on campuses across the district. Child said the district has made gains with social media campaigns and apps that help parents and students identify possible threats. He would also like to see more security cameras. 

"Because if they are afraid to come to our school that means they are not going to be ready to learn."

13 Action News spoke to Dr. Linda Young who represents Cheyenne High School.  She said she "fully supports the offer and whatever action the principal decides to take."