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Las Vegas police give advice during crime meeting in Summerlin area

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 10:58:32-04

Las Vegas police met with nearly 200 people in Summerlin West Monday night to help them with crime prevention and home security.

People living in the area brought their concerns and their questions about some recent crime.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist Randy Klenosky conducted most of the meeting.

He shared statistics with the residents showing there's been more residential burglaries so far this year than all of last year in the Summerlin West area. Klenosky says the most alarming part to police is that 10 of the residential burglaries this year included stolen guns.

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Ruben Gonzalez made sure to attend the meeting because he's lived in Summerlin West for nearly a decade and has recently been concerned with the burglaries on his street.

"Right next door and right across the street," he said.

Gonzalez appreciated the advice given by police to make it known that your home when someone knocks on your door.

"We tend to not want to answer and they suggested that we do answer it."

The reason why is to lessen the chance of a home invasion.

Police also said the cheapest way to increase security at your home is to replace all the screws in your doors including the hinge and the deadbolt.

Police say many doors come with screws only an inch length or even less. They want you to swamp them out for screws three or four inches long. It should only cost you around ten dollars.

If you are looking to make some more pricey upgrades, police suggest protecting your windows with things like roll down shutters, security screens, and security film. It could cost you hundreds of dollars but almost guarantee a crook won't make entry through your window.

"We work hard, we save a lot of things, a lot of things are very precious to us and we want to protect that and we want to feel safe and we want our kids and grandkids to feel safe."