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Charity organization apologizes after passing out 'blessing bags'

People concerned "blessing bags" attracting crime
Posted at 7:03 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 16:14:52-04

A new charity organization's Facebook page was flooded with angry comments after posting pictures of their members trying to help the homeless in a downtown neighborhood.  

Love: Vegas Foundation went to pass out "blessing bags" or bags filled with hygiene products at Huntridge Circle Park. 

However, when they posted pictures, that's when the comments started rolling in. 

One comment said, "Your actions are making it unsafe for everyone." Another said, "Hopefully nobody in the neighborhood gets robbed, raped, or assaulted after this photo-op." 

"These are the folks that are breaking into our homes, breaking into our cars," says Steven Franklin, who lives near the park.  

Back in July, an 80-year-old woman living near the park was sexually assaulted and then shot in her own home.  Police found out that suspect was homeless.  

13 Action News met up with members of the Love: Vegas Foundation. They say they had only good intentions, have listened to neighbors concerns, and plan to do things differently in the future.  

"We just wanted to help in any way we could," says James Jackson with Love: Vegas Foundation. "All the people that messaged us, and that reached out to us, we just love those people because they've given us something to work on to make our foundation better."

In a statement to 13 Action News, Councilman Coffin says "the city continues to work with residents and community stakeholders to address concerns regarding Huntridge Circle Park."  He added "public safety is our top priority."  

City officials suggested that anybody wanting to help should give to or volunteer at local shelters and kitchens with trained professionals.