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Local counselor says teens talking about controversial '13 Reasons Why'

School district sends warning letter about show
Posted at 5:06 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 09:26:36-04

A controversial Netflix show dealing with teen suicide is prompting Clark County School District to send out a warning for families.

"13 Reasons Why" centers around a high schooler who takes her own life and leaves behind tapes documenting the 13 reasons that led her to suicide.

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In part the letter says, "You may wish to discuss the '13 Reasons Why' series with your child."

It also reminds parents that the school district has resources available to help students in need, saying "Clark County School District psychologists, counselors, social workers and school nurses have been trained in suicide intervention protocol so that we can immediately assistance any student in crisis."

The Netflix is also gaining attention in the office of Dr. Beth Creel, a grief counselor at the Children's Heart Center next to Summerlin Hospital.

She says she was made aware of middle school girls making their own "13 Reasons" list, not a suicide note, but seemingly based off the show.  

"It was a 13 reason type list, 13 reason why you make me angry, 13 reasons why I want to ask you out," Creel explains.

She says since the show debuted, she's seen students discuss it with her. Some have said saying they were in a dark place and can relate to the show's main character, but that in their cases, it never escalated to suicide.

Creel says just like in show, most of the cases she encounters in the valley involve some form or bullying, or cyberbullying.

She says while she wishes the show were more focused on education and not entertainment, she's at least glad it's raising a discussion around an important issue.

She says it seems more students than parents she talks with are familiar the show, and hopes it will be a lesson for parents to look for warning signs and be aware of what their kids are doing.