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CCSD Trustees meet outrage in first meeting since release of police interaction video

CCSD Police video
Posted at 9:54 PM, Feb 23, 2023

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Teachers, students, parents, and civil rights groups all expressed a significant amount of controlled anger to the Clark County School District Board of Trustees Thursday demanding police reform.

The trustee's meeting was the first since video of a police officer tackling a Black student to the ground outside of Durango High School emerged.

Jessica Orta, a mother of two, said she refuses to send her kids to school in the district.

"I home school my children because I would be insane to allow this school district to keep their hands on them," she said. "You will not keep my kids safe."

Orta and others called for the police force to undergo major reforms including Orta's novel proposal.

"You need to make each individual officer have an insurance policy because we know one thing about insurance companies: They don't care, they do not play, and they do not like to pay," she said. "So, if you keep showing you are a high risk individual you can go down on the desk and do some paperwork."

Others, like Cimmaron Memorial High teacher Karlana Kulseth, called for broader support for students in the district.

"These problems are like stacks in spades in every possible category, and it's about to tumble all over us," Kulseth said. "Like, I'm just waiting for something to pop off."

Kulseath pushed for additional social emotional support in schools and full implementation of restorative justice policies in addition to police reforms.

"What we saw with that police officer," she said. "These kids know that's not right."

Request for comment from Supt. Jesus Jara and members of the Board of Trustees went unanswered.