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Clark County School District talks about school bus driver experience, training after fatal crash

Posted at 8:51 AM, May 05, 2017

School officials, including police and the district transportation director, addressed the media Friday about yesterday's deadly bus crash.
Transportation Director Shannon Evans praised the driver's actions after the bus was hit by a car, overturning into a dirt road.
"The driver's first words out of her mouth were I need help. My kids need help," Evans said.
Evan's described the driver as a 13 year veteran who was no designated to the bus route she was driving Thursday. The district defined the driver as an "extra board" driver, which means the driver has enough experience to drive any route.
"She's skilled, she's experienced and she knowledgeable," Evans said.
The district says the driver only has one minor crash on her record dating back seven years ago. A crash is defined as anytime a bus hits another object.
District officials also said student and driver training was another contributing factor to getting students to safety so quickly.
"I think that our students were phenomenal," said Dr. Mike Barton Chief Academic Officer at CCSD.
CCSD officials say bus drivers are put through a 14 day training program once they are hire, while a task force follows veterans through out their career.
As for students, the district says they are put through an educational program at the beginning of the year with their bus driver and are mandated two more evacuation drills a year.
"What you saw yesterday was a driver following procedure the students were trained to get off that bus," Evans said. "I'll take a little while but we will gain their trust to get them back in that school bus."