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UPDATE: CCSD moves forward with reorganization

Posted at 7:46 AM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 02:56:16-04
UPDATE: A preliminary reorganization plan for the Clark County School District was approved Tuesday evening.
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Changes are coming to your child's classroom, but some people who are there with your child every day aren't happy about those changes.  
"Many times we're not appreciated," says Irlean Daisley, a support staffer with Clark County School District. 
Daisley is one of several worried their jobs could be on the line with the reorganization of the school district. Support staffers are the office workers, security guards, teachers assistants, custodians, and basically anybody who is not an administrator or a teacher.  
The reorganization would take some power away from the superintendent and give it to the principals.  
Tuesday, lawmakers held a meeting. It's one of several to go over the details of the reorganization before it goes into affect.  
Support staffers, like Daisley, fear with the reorganization, the district could outsource their jobs. 
"The regulations that are in place, that are being discussed right now, might potentially make it so that they can go to a private contractor first," says Leo Murrieta, the campaign co-director for Education Matters Nevada. 
One teacher, Annette Owens, approves of the reorganization. 
"Nothing in this plan takes away any of their jobs," says Owens. "There's absolutely no outsourcing." 
Owens argues the reorganization is what's best for the students, giving individual schools the opportunity to give their students what they need. 
"This helps kids achieve, this helps schools soar, this helps community involvement," says Owens.  "It changes the way we've been educating here in Nevada." 
This discussion will continue for the next year, and changes will continue to be made until they're finalized before the start of the next school year.