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Clark County School District staff to receive pay after payroll issues

Posted at 6:29 AM, Feb 09, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Months after workers in the Clark County School District reported paycheck issues related to the district's new Human Capital Management (HCM) payroll system, an internal memo sent to staff members indicates they will get the money they missed.

The memo blamed payment issues on the workflow approval routing system.

The district memo said, for licensed and administrative employees, the issues were resolved by Jan. 20 and any work reported after that date would be reflected accurately on upcoming paychecks.

It said any pay accrued before that date would be disbursed on Feb. 10.

The memo said support personnel pay issues reported and corrected by Jan. 23 should have been reflected in the Jan. 29 paycheck.

Staff who continue to experience issues with pay should contact the payroll offices by email at PayrollConcerns@nv.ccsd.net.

If you are a CCSD employee and you do not receive pay owed to you by the district on Feb 10, the date listed in the memo, please contact us at desk@ktnv.com.