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CCSD: No threats from creepy clown messages

Posted at 6:53 PM, Oct 06, 2016

Messages from creepy clowns have been taking the country by storm, including here in the valley.

What started with vague posts on social media have now spiraled into a panic for many parents and students.

Clark County School District Police say they take the threats seriously, but after investigating, says no credible threats were found.

"It started off in our high school, and moved to our middle schools," says Capt. Ken Young with CCSD Police.

In many of the cases, clowns left specific messages saying which schools they would visit on certain days.

Thursday, one Instagram post says a clown would be at Lied Middle School on Friday.  That prompted the principal to send a letter home to parents.  In part, the letter said we "want to make sure we are not hyping something that will only get worse if emotions catch," but also wanted parents to stay aware.

"It's scary," says Rolando Udarbe, whose daughter attends Lied Middle. "You don't know if it's terrorists or whatever."

Police say the posts can be difficult to trace because they're so vague. So far, no arrests have been made.

Their advice to students is to not interact with the clown accounts on social media and not add fuel to the fire.

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