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CCSD makes big changes to homework policy

Posted at 8:25 PM, Apr 12, 2016

The Clark County School District has released new policies and regulations for students' homework.

The school board approved the new rules March 31 that affect all K-12 schools in the district. Meetings were held with teachers, principals and parents ahead of the changes.

According to CCSD, homework assignments must be tailored to each student. Routine work on skills that have already been mastered should be avoided. CCSD said homework assignments will be aimed to what students learned in class.

Homework assignments on holidays or weekends should be limited to ongoing projects, CCSD reported. The new rules also require that students have fair and equal access to completing projects.

Elementary students' homework should be limited to 10 minutes per grade level. A time element was not given for secondary students but CCSD said teachers should consider the time their students spend in outside activities when making homework assignments.

Chief Student Achievement Officer Mike Barton said some students who are taking advanced classes will also have more homework due to the rigor of the courses.

Barton said the regulations hadn't been changed or touched since 1981.