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CCSD transportation hopes to hire 100 bus drivers before new school year

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jul 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-13 22:37:12-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Eliminating the shortage of school bus drivers in Las Vegas continues to be a challenge. The transportation department in the Clark County School District held a job fair Saturday morning in hopes to hire more drivers before the summer ends.

Karen Jefferson says driving a school bus is no easy task, but she loves it.

"Before [I] can take the bus out in the morning, [I’m] required to inspect the bus. [I] need to make sure our emergency exits are working," says Jefferson.

She shares with 13 Action News the “check list” is long but over the course of 13 years she still looks forward to her route every day.

"I like picking up the young people. It kind of like helps me keep fresh and current as to what's going on in the world," says Jefferson.

As much as Jefferson enjoys her job, she admits the work load has grown.

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"We're asked to help out as far as picking up other students. We are faced with the challenge of being on time and being safe," says Jefferson.

CCSD is still struggling to fill their bus driver positions, the shortage has been a widespread problem for at least three consecutive years.

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Shannon Rothe is the department’s field supervisor. She says people can apply online even though the job fairs are held once a month.

“With the job fair and training this summer that will help with the deficit," says Rothe.

The school district’s goal is to hire at least 100 new drivers before the 2019-2020 school year.

On Saturday, about 160 people showed up to the job fair held at the CCSD Arville Yard on 4499 Arville Street.

Many applicants were ask to go in Jefferson’s bus for a short ride, over the intercom she explained what the hiring and training process would be like.

“Everything that you need will be given to you in training. We do not put you out there with no knowledge of the bus," explained Jefferson.

Jefferson believes hiring more bus drivers will help get students to school on time.

Rothe says you must be at least 21- years-old to apply.

“You have to be free of drugs in your system. The biggest thing is a clean driving record," says Rothe.

To apply click here.