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CCSD changing third-quarter grade policy for schools amid closures

Third-quarter grades now becoming final grades
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Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 00:11:37-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Schools across Nevada remain closed for the rest of the month, and the Clark County School District is now changing how grades are being calculated with the end of the school year coming up.

Online teaching is the new reality for high school teachers like Jeremiah Riesenbeck, with CCSD schools shut down. The history teacher is making sure his students stay engaged, assigning an open-ended project.

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“Okay, you study whatever kind of topic interests you, whatever you find interesting, and that’ll hopefully get them out of their head of being stuck at home and find something interesting for them to do,” Riesenbeck said.

It’s his way of adjusting to a new CCSD policy where third-quarter grades are now final grades, with an opportunity for students to improve that grade through make up assignments. Riesenbeck says when the policy was put in place Monday, that was a sign he believes students won’t be returning to campus.

“Seeing what other states have done and knowing that we’re not even close to the apex yet in Nevada, there’s no sense, because we’re at April 30 and after that, there are only three weeks of school left anyways,” he said.

He says third-quarter grades have typically been lower than other quarters, with some students slacking. Still, he’s been promoting this policy as a golden opportunity for students to improve their GPA or gain enough credits to pass and graduate.

“Trying to make them realize that hey, that it’s unprecedented. It’s something we’ve never done before, but you still have expectations,” Riesenbeck said.

Riesenbeck tells students to remain in touch with their teachers so that they can reach their academic goals this year.

“Your teachers are here to help you still even though we do not meet face to face. We’re still rooting for you,” he said.