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Brawl near Circus Circus caught on video

Posted at 8:52 AM, Oct 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-20 11:52:36-04
Cell phone video captured multiple fights erupting near Circus Circus this past weekend.  
The teenage brawl happened in the parking lot of Fright Dome early Sunday morning, said police.  
"People were cussing, fighting," said an eyewitness who didn't want her name released.  "People were on a car breaking windshields, it was basically just a huge teenage riot."
The teens were in the parking lot after visiting Fright Dome when punches started flying, said the 18-year-old.
The video shows the group running toward the valet area.  There are several more fights and clashes with security. 
"They were like get off the property, it's time to go now," said the teenager. 
When police arrived on scene, the crowds had already dispersed, said officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  
There were no arrests or reported injuries. 
Action News received the following statement from VP of Corporate Communications at MGM Resorts International Gordon Absher: 
"The safety and security of our guests and employees is our top priority at Circus Circus, Fright Dome and all MGM Resorts. Saturday’s incident was an isolated event involving an organized influx of underage students gathering near the Strip after curfew. Resort Security responded promptly and appropriately, quickly dispersing the crowd.
As is evident in the video, the majority of the minors in the parking lot watched and encouraged a small number of fighters. Three underage minors were detained by Security and turned over to Metro Police. One was cited for curfew violation and released to parents. The others were cited and released by Metro. No injuries were reported.
Fright Dome and Circus Circus maintain strict protocols to ensure the safety of our guests. We applaud the staff and Metro for their quick action.”
Police said they will continue to work closely with the hotel and allocate additional resources to prevent further incidents.