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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man dances on top of ambulance

Posted at 5:07 PM, May 01, 2017

A wedding D.J. says he was driving home down Boulder Highway when he noticed a man dancing on top of an ambulance.

Matt Lindsey took out his phone just before midnight and recorded video for more than a minute as the man put on a show at the corner of Boulder Highway and Lamb Boulevard.

"Obviously, he was having a good time," Lindsey says.

He posted the video on Facebook, and it's now going viral, with thousands of views overnight.

While the video is entertaining, there was a serious side to what happened. According to Medic West, the ambulance was on call, trying to take a patient to the hospital.

The man allegedly threatened medics with a knife, forcing them to lock themselves inside the ambulance before he got up to dance.

After police arrived, the man climbed down after about 8 minutes.  The ambulance company says they're investigating and that they were able to continue to the hospital without any issues for the patient inside.

As for the man on the ambulance, police say he appeared on drugs and was too incoherent to be arrested. He was taken to the hospital as well and could eventually face charges.