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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Las Vegas couple has both cars stolen

Posted at 11:18 PM, Apr 26, 2017

A couple is hoping surveillance video will catch crooks who stole both of their cars Saturday.

Scott Henninger says he was at the driving range at Desert Pines Golf Club on Bonanza Road with his keys sitting behind him.

The couple says that's when he noticed the keys were gone, and so was his SUV.  He realized his set of keys also had keys to his other car -- a Jeep Rubicon -- and his house.

They tried to call a friend to rush over to the house to try and stop the thieves from breaking in, but they apparently found their home address in the glove compartment. The suspects used that information to drive to Cheyenne Avenue and Durango Drive and steal the other car from right out of the driveway.

A neighbor had surveillance video where you can see two cars pull up and scope out the house before driving off with the Jeep.

Henninger says the other SUV also had sentimental value because it once belonged to his mom who passed away.

The couple says they're just glad the thieves didn't break into the house. They've changed their locks and are hoping someone will recognize the cars in the video.