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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car burglary in NW Las Vegas

Posted at 5:13 PM, May 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 03:04:27-04

A car burglary was caught on camera in northwest Las Vegas early Sunday.

The burglary happened around 5 a.m. near Gowan Road and Rainbow Boulevard.

In the video, a man and woman are seen walking down the street and stopping to check out a car and truck parked in the driveway. Shortly after, the man is seen walking back to the pickup truck and takes an item out of the truck bed.

The homeowners felt violated watching back the surveillance video.

"(We were) standing there open mouth going I cannot believe somebody had just walked right up to the truck and decided to take something," said Jenny Douridas.

The item the burglars took was a brand new air compressor. Douridas's husband was using it to fix their leaky roof after the most recent rain storm.

"He works hard for his money and we've got a lot of people in this house that he's supporting on his own," she said.

According to Alert I.D., at least two other people in the area had their cars broken into as well. Plus, someone had their car stolen on the same exact block as Douridas.