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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car break-ins in Mountain's Edge

Posted at 9:13 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 00:56:11-04

At the Sterling Ridge neighborhood in Mountain's Edge, residents say they once had a "not me" mentality until they experienced a recent increase in car break-ins.
"I'm looking up and down the road and I'm going wow, how peaceful," said Joseph Valle, a resident and Neighborhood Watch block captain.
A neighborhood that once made feel safe now has him concerned. Even though he hasn't been a victim of a car break-in, he says something needs to be done to stop the crime now.

"The way I feel is they are going to graduate into bigger crime such as home invasion," Valle said.

Valle obtained video through one of his neighbors shows the criminals in action.

"It did not look like they were carrying any kind of weapon; however, they are carrying backpacks to put the items they are stealing in," he said.

Valle says over the past 6 months nearly every street has been hit -- about 500 vehicles total.

Derek Rodriguez had his car broken into at least two times that he is aware.

"They go around and check and make sure the door is unlocked before they start getting into cars. They won't smash windows or anything that will cause a commotion," he said.
Rodriguez recently installed a security camera. He said it seems to be deterring the thieves and it's the best $100 he's spent.