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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Burglars target bakery

Posted at 6:35 PM, May 24, 2016

Three businesses near Sahara Avenue and Tenaya Way have become the target of burglars. 

Rolling in Dough Bakery was hit twice in 72 hours within the last week. 

"They were in and out in a minute and 15 seconds," said owner Pam Cotrupe.  

Surveillance video shows the four men getting out of a white car before breaking into the bakery. 

"They try with a bat to hit this window, that didn't work, because it's double-paned and two good whacks on the door and they're in," Cotrupe said.

Once inside the men take a safe, hundreds of dollars and a laptop. 

"It's an expense that I'm not sure I understand yet, it's a lot," Cotrupe said. 

Video shows the burglars taking their cake before heading to the sushi restaurant Oyshi two doors down. Although they are unsuccessful at getting in, businesses in the area are now on high alert. 

"There are no open businesses in our complex at night so there is nobody here to see it. So that's maybe the only reason they can break-in," said Raymond Bryant, general manager at Sahara Coin. 

This strip mall has been dealing with break-ins off and on for years. 

"[The burglar] came right below where the photos are here and he poked his head right through the wall and off the alarm went," Bryant described. 
Rolling in Dough has contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The burglars were wearing masks and gloves at the time of the break-in.