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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Burglars target bakery for the third time in three weeks

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 22:13:30-04

A local bakery has been hit by burglars for the third time in three weeks. 

Thieves came into Rolling in Dough Bakery near Sahara Avenue and Tenaya Way early Monday morning. 

"You see him here as he goes through every cabinet we have, but probably the most interesting thing is it's coffee and bakery boxes," said owner Joe Cotrupe. 
The entire burglary is caught on camera.
In surveillance video, you can see two men smash in the front door of Rolling in Dough, eventually creating a small hole to climb through. One guy made his way through the hole and into the bakery. 
Once inside he goes through all the cabinets but only leaves with an old laptop. 
The Cotrupes say that's because there was nothing left to take. It's the third time they've been hit by burglars in 3 weeks. 
"You have taken the safe you have taken the laptop and there isn't anything left to get. There may be some chocolate, but that's about it," said Pam Cotrupe. 
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13 Action News was there when a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist showed up to the business. She says it's rare for a business to be hit this many times. 
"Usually when a business gets hit they get hit once and that's the end of that," said Crime Prevention Specialist Bella Yougules-Scholes. 
Her best tips for businesses is to be aware of  their customers since burglars will usually case businesses before committing a crime. She also suggests writing down suspicious activity and if there is ever a robbery, owners should comply with the suspects.