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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves steal washer and dryer on Christmas

Posted at 11:46 PM, Dec 26, 2016
A valley family says thieves have broken into their shed and their barn twice in the last two weeks and the most recent time was on Christmas!
Jessie Stegmeier's home is near Decatur and Warm Springs. After the first break-in, she and her husband invested in security cameras that caught the second crime on video.
Stegmeier says the thieves have taken a whole bunch of tools and appliances, including their washer and dryer located in the barn used for horse gear.
"At least they were nice enough to turn the water off so it didn't flood the barn," said Stegmeier.
In the surveillance video, you can see the thieves creeping up to the shed and crouching down at times to avoid being seen or heard.
Stegmeier wants the thieves to be caught and wants their things back but most of all she's shocked and dissapointed people do things like this on Christmas.
"Christmas morning, who does that?" she asked. "Who steals a washer and dryer on Christmas morning....from a barn? Did you give your wife a washer and dryer for Christmas? I mean, come on!"