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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rock throwing burglar named

Posted at 11:53 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 21:19:52-04
UPDATE: According to Las Vegas police April 27, an arrest warrant has been issued for Shane Valentine in the March burglary.
A Summerlin couple is hoping a crystal clear image of a burglary suspect captured on their surveillance system will lead to an arrest.
"We are just waiting for Metro to catch him. He left a very good picture," Sean Asgarian said.
The footage from the incident Tuesday shows the suspect waiting for the couple to leave before making his way to the side of the house where he jumped a nine-foot gate.
He then spent five minutes looking in the home making sure nobody was inside.
Cameras then show him pick up a rock to break the window. But before launching the rock, the burglar can be seen counting himself down: 3, 2, 1.
Recently installed security film stopped the rock, forcing the burglar to make several more attempts. He finally made a hole big enough to reach in and unlock the door.
That is what finally tripped the house alarm as the man made his way inside.
A few minutes later he makes his way back out, looking a lot more frantic before making his way out the same way he came in.
That is when the cameras captured the image the couple has posted online. They say it has already generated a lead on the burglar's identity that has since been passed along to police.
"I didn't feel as violated as Sean did. I was more relieved because it could've been so much worse," Kim Crohn said.
While he made it inside, the couple says the burglar didn't actually get anything of value. They say he passed by several laptops and iPads as he ransacked the master bedroom where all of the valuables are locked up.
Since his photo has been show on television and posted on social media, 13 Action News has received multiple comments from people who say they think they know who the man is.