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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man carves swastika into synagogue

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 06, 2017

A swastika was found carved into a synagogue Saturday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows the vandal hopping a wall and then picking up a rock at the Chabad of Southern Nevada Synagogue. 

Children who were in a nearby room watched as the man began carving something into a pillar.

Yossi Harlig, the Rabbi's son said he tried to scare off the man, before seeing what he drew.

"We went over and started knocking [on the window] and he noticed who it was," Harling said. "It's a swastika. It's not a good symbol."

Rabbi Shea Harlig said the vandal attacked while dozens of people were inside the synagogue for Saturday service.

"During the services, after it was holocaust remembrance a few days ago. That's a sick individual," Harlig said. 

One congregate is now offering $1,000 reward for anyone leading to the arrest of the vandal. 

"Maybe you should go visit a Holocaust museum or speak to a couple Holocaust survivors to understand what it is," Harlig said.