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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man brutally attacked in chaotic scene

Posted at 11:04 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-24 13:53:54-04
A valley man says his neighbors brutally attacked him earlier this month and he managed to record everything on a camera attached to his watch.
Lee Szymborski doesn't believe it was a random act of violence.
He's part of the neighborhood watch on his block, and he's crossed paths with his neighbors before, he says.
Szymborski claims they deal drugs.
"I warned them, don't deal dope in Palomino Estates," he said. "Don't do that here."
Szymborski says they threw rocks at him and deliberately tried to run him down with their truck.
The shaky footage is the key piece of evidence that might help catch the people who did this to him.
What you can't see in the video, you can feel. Its intensity is visceral.
Szymborski says he's barely slept since the night of the attack.
"I don't feel that when you stand up to crime volunteering for neighborhood watch it should amount to a death sentence," he said.
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says this is an open case they're investigating. 
They're reviewing Szymborski's video as well as looking for surveillance footage from nearby businesses.