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UPDATE: Community comes together after Las Vegas mom attacked by group of kids

Mom speaks out to raise awareness
Posted at 9:53 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 12:16:20-04

UPDATE MAY 23:  A group of bikers is taking to the streets, hoping to make a difference after a mom was attacked by a group of kids.

The bikers took their message to kids walking by near Ft. Apache and Elkhorn, urging them to stay away from violence and peer pressure.

This comes after neighbors have been concerned about groups of kids causing trouble. The problem is getting so bad that some residents are afraid to leave their homes.

The groups were out in the neighborhood Wednesday and will be back out again Thursday.

UPDATE MAY 21:  The mother who was attacked on cell phone video last month is speaking out for the first time.

"I want everybody to know what's going on," said mom Christl Lestelle.

Lestelle helped to organize a community event near the site of the attack Monday. Days after the attack, she says her son still doesn't feel safe.

"His friends can't even come over because... people are threatening to kill him," she said.

Lestelle said the incident occurred after she confronted the kids about a stolen bike. On Monday afternoon, a group of about 50 concerned neighbors were on scene speaking with patrol officers.

"Everybody I know is concerned about that video they saw on YouTube," said Lt. Troy Barrett.

According to Lt. Barrett, arrests were made in Lestelle's case before the video surfaced. He says police are investigating and searching for other potential offenders.

"This community has done a pretty good job of getting some video," said Lt. Barrett, "...we're taking that video and looking at it and trying to identify faces and names."

Lt. Barrett says there will be plainclothes officers in the area to confirm the different accounts of parents. 

ORIGINAL:  A Las Vegas mother is attacked by a group of kids outside her home near Fort Apache and Elkhorn roads.

"It's insane, this group of kids is 12," said Jon Harriss.

Harriss's wife is seen being beaten in cell phone video. He says the incident happened last month.

Neighbors tell 13 Action News this is not an isolated incident. 

They say they've had trouble with a group of kids from a nearby middle school for months. We're told some of the incidents happen on campus. Others occur off campus as the children are walking home.

"They will swarm your house, they will swarm you in your car," said Harriss, "cursing you out, throwing rocks at you."

Cell phone video shows rocks being hurled at neighbors.

Harriss says one girl was briefly detained by police after his wife was attacked. However, he says she was back to trouble the very next morning.

"Everyday we watch them walk away from the police and get back to doing exactly what they were doing before," said Harriss.

The Phillips family believes the children's school should do more. Eric Phillips is a teacher with the district.

"The school can certainly suspend these kids, they can investigate," said Phillips, "they can help the children that are innocent and are feeling afraid to go to school."

Harriss says he has pulled out two of his children from the middle school. Harriss says his children are being harassed by the group of kids.

Harriss's wife has recovered from her injuries. Neighbors say if something doesn't change they fear someone could be hurt more seriously next time.

"There's people out there that are not as patient and are going to do something very irrational to these kids," he said.

13 Action News reached out to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for comment. We are waiting to hear back.

Meanwhile, school police tell us they are aware of this issue. They say they've worked with LVMPD officers to flood the area with police.  They believe the situation is under control but parents disagree. 

13 Action News will continue to follow any developments. Parents will reach out to us regarding potential incidents in the future.