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UPDATE: Disabled veteran receives TV from viewer after burglary

Posted at 3:29 PM, Oct 10, 2016
UPDATE: A viewer named Renee Lucero reached out to 13 Action News to help. She donated a television to veteran James Turpin.
Turpin was very grateful.

Lucero is from a military family, which is one of the reasons why the story hit home for her.

"My stepfather is always helping people all the time and this is something I know that he would do he was always helping people," she said.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A disabled Navy veteran says his home was burglarized near Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive.
In the video, you see a man come in through a window. He doesn't seem like he's in a hurry. He takes a hamper from the home to loot the place. He's even smoking a cigarette.
"You kind of feel helpless, you know, and this guy just walked around my house like it was his," said James Turpin, the victim of the burglary.
Turpin served in Desert Storm. He's been through a lot.  Now, his home feels like a battleground.
"It's never really a comfort zone now, you know. I'm not comfortable here. I'm not the only one," said Turpin.
Neighbors say break-ins happen all the time. 
"I'm fearful as far as me being at home... I think they still out there. I don't think they caught him," said Henry Harris, one of Turpin's neighbors who says his place has been broken into twice.
Turpin is now missing his television, a gun, military documents and papers giving him guardianship over his grandmother who's in hospice care.
"It's like you're helpless. You're absolutely helpless," said Turpin.