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Carjacking, robbery victim speaks out after scary incident on Saturday

Posted at 10:56 PM, Mar 24, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Natascha Flory says she was a victim of a violent armed carjacking and robbery while parking at her apartment complex near Charleston Boulevard and Durango Drive.

“My stomach was turning, I had a bad feeling about even coming to the complex,” says Flory. “In the minute I shut the ignition off, shut the headlights off and I opened the car door, a guy came running around with a handgun.”

It all happened Saturday morning.

What that carjacker didn’t know is that Nastscha’s Chrysler was equipped with a GPS that’s hooked right into the car’s engine.

“All I have to do is constantly refresh it, which is what I was doing yesterday when I was on the phone with Metro dispatch.”

Natascha and her sister watched their car’s every turn from her phone.

She says it followed a path up U.S. 95 to the northwest Las Vegas valley and into a neighborhood near Grand Teton and Durango.

The area was blocked off for over ten hours as Las Vegas police tried to negotiate with that carjacking suspect who they believed was inside and was refusing to leave.

Turns out, no one was inside.

Las Vegas police are still searching for the suspects.