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Van that hit, killed toddler located

Posted at 7:18 PM, Feb 09, 2016
Police are getting closer to finding the driver responsible for taking the life of 2-year-old Evelyn Green.
She was hit while playing in the street on Sunday near Lake Mead and Pecos.
Police say new leads are helping with the investigation, but neighbors want more than just an arrest. 
The white van that hit the toddler was located and impounded. Police told the Associated Press they have talked with the driver and he is being cooperative. No arrest has been made and forensic tests are being done on the van.
According to police, the 2-year-old was attending a Super Bowl gathering at duplex.
Some witnesses tell 13 Action News that the young girl wasn't being watched. But, Susan Taurisano who lives in the duplex says that she was.
"They were monitored,” she says. “They were all together. They were walking as a family."
When we tried to talk to the victim's mother on Tuesday, she was at a funeral home making arrangements. 
Taurisano says the mother did nothing wrong. She says the real issue is that drivers speed down this street all the time.
"They just zoom, you know? I watch these kids all the time and they just zoom down the street," Taurisano says.
One neighbor even stood where it happened for hours Tuesday, begging drivers to slow down.