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Can burglars break into your home with the help of an app?

Posted at 7:41 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 14:31:55-05

The Key Me app was created to make it easier for people to duplicate keys when we need to. But some are concerned with the app intruders can have easy access to your keys and your home. 

With three little boys, Silina Vockrodt is focused on protecting their home.

"The thought of someone just being able to unlock my door makes me actually a little bit more concerned."

She has reservations about KeyMe. Can it put her house or even car keys in wrong hands?

"When people come into my house to work on different things, we just leave our keys out. I 'm not always paying attention to where they are, what they're doing. So that makes me a little bit more nervous."

Here's how it works:

When you download the app, create an account put in your email and password, Take a picture of a key in a white background. Flip it. Take another picture. And save it in the app.

You can choose to order and have it delivered to your home or across the valley, there are five kiosks you can go to.

Log in, pay around $9 using your credit card and within seconds: your duplicate key is ready.

We made a copy of Silina's  home keys and it worked.

"It was kinda cool but kinda weird knowing that you can just go and make my key... without me."

The company assures users it's secure and it does not store your information.To copy, your key has to be photographed a certain way to prevent just about anyone to scan it. And there's paper trail with every transaction.

Despite reservations, Silina Vockrodt also sees how the app can be useful.

"I just locked myself out of the house a few days ago and if my husband had been out of town it would've been nice if he could just send a picture of it and I can go have it made without having to call the locksmith."