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Camel ride attraction coming to Clark County

Posted at 6:32 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 23:26:33-04

A new tourist attraction is hoping people will travel more than an hour from Las Vegas for an experience you won't find anywhere else.

Guy Seeklus says the grand opening of his "Camel Safari" in Bunkerville will be Oct. 1.
"All [my camels] are lovey-dovey, you can kiss them behind the ears," Seeklus said. "They're all very affectionate. But it's how you raise them and how you treat them."
Seeklus' 14 camels get the VIP treatment so they'll be ready to ride around tourists.
The farm has worked to meet county, state and federal requirements regarding how the animals are treated. There's plenty of shade for the camels and they have unrestricted access to water.
The new business must now show why it's worth making the trip up to Bunkerville for.
Tourists at the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign had mixed opinions about the attraction.
One woman said she wouldn't mind the distance because the experience of riding camels is worth it.
Another lady said camels aren't as interesting as people think.
County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick says she's excited for the new attraction in her district. She told us Camel Safari is part of an effort to bring outdoor activities to international tourists.
Seeklus thinks the business will hit its stride once the summer heat passes.
"Today, not everyone is up for a trip to the Middle East," he said. "Some people may not be enthusiastic about going to ride a camel there. You can do it here."
For safety, riders get on the camel from atop a wooden platform, then get strapped in. The last step is to enjoy the view from seven and a half feet up.