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Business owners worried about construction

Posted at 11:53 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 14:53:05-04
Local business owners near Eastern and Sunset say they have been suffering because of construction in the area and they say the agency responsible doesn't seem to care.
If you are in that area, you can see the line of cars all the way down Sunset. that small business owners say is affecting their bottom line.
"If this continues, I'll be losing everything that I worked for the last five years," said Sam Patel, owner of Smokers World.
Patel used his last bit of savings to open the shop, and now says hes in jeopardy of losing it all due to work in the are on the Paradise-Whitney Interceptor project.
"I'm very frustrated," Patel said.
Patel said his business is down 90 percent, and he's not the only one feeling the pinch from a project in the area.
"Theres a lot of small businesses right in this direct area," said Joey Geary, owner of Pizza Company. "You got a little over two years of this construction going on. The question is how many can survive that?"
Kim Adler with the Clark County Water Reclamation District said they are doing what they can to ease the impact of the project, but this work has to be done.
"It's essential in terms of public health and environmental impact," said Adler. "If we have capacity issues in the collection system it could result in sanitary sewer overflows."
It is the biggest pipeline project the water district has ever performed, with much of the work taking place underground, using new technology. They are replacing 13 miles of pipeline from Valley View and Serene to
Nellis and Flamingo.
"We apologize for it, we understand that it's a huge inconvenience for commuters, for businesses, for residents, and we're doing our best to work with the contractors to get in and out of these areas as quickly as possible," Adler said.
If you want more information about the project and their timeline and how it will affect your travel in the area, check out their website.