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Business owner says windows repeatedly shot out

Posted at 7:12 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 22:17:03-05
A business owner at Jones and Desert Inn contacted us after someone shot out the windows of her business not once, but three times. 
A security guard now walks that shopping center. Colliers management sent him out here just this week after hearing about their tenants' windows being shot.
It first happened at Fatima Julai's alterations shop about two weeks ago.
"This past Monday I came to work in the morning and saw another window was broken," said Julai.
But that is not all. Someone broke her windows three times.
"Of course I'm very scared," she said. "First thing, I got panicked, maybe somebody came in and took something."
The folks at Colliers the property management said they are concerned too. They said they heard it is happening at shops on the corners.
Fatima talked to other business  owners where it happened: a cell phone store in her shopping center, and another business at Spring Mountain and Red Rock.
There's still evidence in the vacant unit behind hers: bullet holes. 
"I found out somebody's shooting, so it's not an accident," said Julai. "Somebody is just driving around and shooting all the windows and I'm really scared for my safety."
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they have two reports of vandalism in this area from February 26 to March Third.