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North Las Vegas business owner claims smelly former Starbucks is driving away customers

Posted at 7:21 PM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-20 14:46:17-04

A business owner in North Las Vegas claims a vacant building near her restaurant is emitting such a bad odor it's driving her customers away. 

Lately, Little Dumpling Restaurant on Decatur Boulevard and the 215 beltway has been preparing more to-go orders and seeing less customers dine-in. 

"The business dropped little by little until today you can see we have no dine-in!" said Yiqin Wang who owns Little Dumpling. 

For the past year, a bad sewage smell drifting through the air vents has been driving customers away, but Little Dumpling employees say they aren't to blame. 

"It's coming from the Starbucks next door that recently relocated," said manager Jaden Womack.

Starbucks still has a lease for the property even though the location closed last year.

A spokesperson for Starbucks tells 13 Action News they are aware of the complaints and are "actively" working with the landlord to make the smell go away. 

We tried to get more details from the landlord, but they did not return our calls. 

An inspector with the city of North Las Vegas told 13 Action he's examined the old Starbucks building and could not identify the cause of the odor. 

Wang fears if the smell isn't taken care of soon, she'll have to close for good.