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Business owner afraid to return to work after caught on camera robbery

Posted at 11:34 PM, Dec 27, 2017

Police are looking for your help finding a man caught on camera robbing a small business owner at a store near Charleston and Jones.

Surveillance video shows a man cocking a gun and then pointing it at the store owner.

The store is called Unik Fashion Designs, and sells custom African clothing.  The owner, Aggie Wilson, says she was terrified by what happened.

Wilson says the man seemed friendly at first, and seemed interesting in buying a shirt.  She helped him pick the right size and color, and because she was still in the holiday spirit, even offered him a discount of $15 on the shirt he liked.

She says the man went to pay with a debit card, and it was declined.  She says she tried it again manually, and it still didn't work.  She says that's when he pulled the gun, cocked it, and pointed it right at her.

She says he then shoved her into a backroom and he searched the register.  Because there was no money, he instead took off with her purse that had her iPhone, and some clothes.

Wilson says even though she relies on the small business for income, she was simply too terrified to go back to work today.  She says she wants to see the man caught, but says he won't scare her from reopening her shop.