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Business needs your help reuniting missing urn with relatives

Posted at 11:24 PM, Mar 27, 2018

A Las Vegas business desperately needs your help.

Workers at Oakey Assisted Livingcame across an urn in a closet of a vacant unit on their property.

Managers believe it's been there at least a year because the unit hasn't had anyone living in it for at least that long.

Director of Business Development John Bettencourt says the urn was found in a Girl Scouts cookie box up on a shelf in the closet.

He and his team immediately began searching their records to try and figure out who the urn belonged to.

The name on the urn is Evelyn V. Cunningham. It says she was born in 1917 and died in 1998. The urn also says "Beloved Wife and Mother".

"This goes to someone," said Bettencourt. "This is someone's family member. This is someone's mother, someone's aunt, someone's sister, someone's child."

Bettencourt figured the best way to reach the public and solve this mystery was to reach out to the news channels. That's why he called us.

"To me they are still a person," said Bettencourt. "Even though they are in the afterlife, they need closure and the family needs closure."

The urn is beautiful white marble. It's in the shape of a rectangle. Bettencourt points out there's a little mold on the bottom, but overall, in great condition.

"It's aged," he said. "But it's a beautiful urn. It's solid. it's made to withstand pretty much anything and last a life time so whoever it belongs to, tells me that they really cared for this person."

An internet search showed us Evelyn has a living 94-year-old relative in Tucson, Arizona. The internet search also told us Evelyn died in Tucson.

We tried calling the number listed for the relative, Cecil Cunningham, but it was disconnected.

There was also an address listed that we asked our sister station in Arizona to check out for us but the community was gated and said No Trespassing.

Bettencourt says he won't stop until living relatives are reunited with Evelyn's ashes.