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Buses more than an hour late cause students to miss school

Posted at 10:45 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 02:24:22-04

The first three days of school have been a nightmare for one family.

They say their child's school bus has shown up at least an hour late every morning.

Michelle Booth, the communications director for Clark County School District, says 95 percent of their buses have been on time this week.

However, Jennifer Womack says the bus that's supposed to pick up her daughter from Nellis Air Force Base caused students to miss crucial school time in these opening days.

"I called a total of 67 times to the bus barn and was not able to get through," Womack said.

She says Monday, the bus was an hour late. Her daughter missed first period of school. Tuesday, she says her daughter missed the first two periods. Wednesday, she only waited 20 minutes before giving up and getting in the car.

"We're just frustrated," Womack said. "We want to give CCSD and the bus transportation the benefit of the doubt. It's the first week of school, it's frustrating but to what expense? Our kids are missing school."

Booth says the problem has been resolved.

"[Thursday], we have a new permanent bus driver starting on that route and the bus driver will be going along with a supervisor to ensure there's no glitches," Booth said.

She says there hadn't been a permanent driver assigned to the route, and then there were delays getting substitute drivers through.

Those delays were caused by the background checks the military base requires.

"It's a learning curve for the beginning of the school year," Booth said. "It certainly poses challenges."

Clark County schools bus about 120,000 students a day. Parents can visit the CCSD website for more information.