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Burros near Red Rock being moved to California

Posted at 9:55 PM, Aug 09, 2016

More burros have been hit along State Route 159 through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the animals are now being moved.

Even though there are signs all along the highway that say don't feed wild horses or burros, it doesn't stop people from feeding them.

Kirsten Cannon of the Bureau of Land Management says it could be one of the main reason why you are seeing more burros crossing the road.

"The burros are congregating on the road and eating their restoration projects their vegetation," she said.

In the past 7 months, 2 were struck by cars, she said. BLM plans to transport 40 burros to Ridgecrest, California, where they will be available for adoption.

One burro who is staying in the area is Jackson, the Red Rock Burro.

He was one of close to two dozen burros who was part of the gathering on the Red Rock Herd Management's Area back in 2012.  

Jackson was adopted by Blaine Benedict, who saw Jackson as more than a wild animal but as a burro with potential and educational purpose.  

Benedict says he planned on just keeping him for a year and then giving him to the interpretive association, but they developed such a close bond he just couldn't part with him.