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Burglars smash security system, neighbors concerned

Posted at 12:32 PM, Aug 01, 2017

A man broke into a downtown home and tore the security system from the wall.  Neighbors think it could be related to several other burglaries in the same neighborhood. 

According to CrimeMapping, there have been four burglaries in the area in just about a month.  

"They got some things from my late father, so that's pretty painful," says the latest victim, Karin Tomcik.  

Tomcik posted about the crime on Facebook, and immediately received several messages from neighbors saying the crime sounded familiar.  

Neighbors believe they've seen the same man breaking into several different homes in the same neighborhood.  In one recent crime, the suspect cut the electricity before breaking down the door.  

Tomcik's door was also kicked in. She believes they kicked out the bottom panel of the wooden door and then reached in to unlock the door.  

The suspect also ripped the security system off the wall, hoping to cut the signal before it called for help.  

Neighbors are coming together to keep an eye on each other, but until the suspect is caught, they'd like to see more police patrols. 

13 Action News reached out to Las Vegas police to see if they also believe the string of burglaries could be related, and if they have any suspects, but we have not yet heard back.