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Burglar may have used address on vehicle registration, garage door remote to break into a home

Posted at 11:32 PM, Jun 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 10:32:16-04

A Las Vegas mom is on a mission to catch a thief after a burglary in broad daylight.

Coming home from a family dinner, Janeen Barajas discovered her home on Durango and Blue Diamond Road had been burglarized. 

Thursday, her entire family went out for dinner at South Point. That's when she believes crooks struck. 

"I was very upset. I said some mean words," says Barajas.

Janine believes the thief broke into her truck, got her garage door opener, and opened her glove box to take her registration with her address on it. Knowing where she lived and that she wasn't at home, she thinks the thief went to her house and used the garage door remote to get into her house.

"My kids did not want to stay in this house," says Barajas, adding that the burglar took her family's peace of mind.

Surveillance cameras from neighbors captured the man who Janine believes is the suspect.

She says among other things, the thief took jewelry, items from relatives who passed away, an ice chest, and toilet paper. She recognized some of those items in the video.

But what broke her heart the most, her son's Xbox was also taken. Jayden just got the Xbox a week ago as a reward.

"That meant the world, a big milestone, an accomplishment, responsibility," she says.

Barajas now needs the community's help to find the man in the video. She also has a message to the man who broke into her home.

"I hope you're happy with that Xbox that you took from my son. Enjoy all that you have but just know that you ruined my children's safety from their home."