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Bullets fly into woman's home after neighbors allegedly see masked man and fire

Posted at 10:33 PM, Oct 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-30 02:19:23-04
Bullets from a neighbor's house fly into a woman's home after those neighbors tell police they spotted a man wearing a mask in their yard.
The bangs of the gunfire woke Rutchie Sloniker as she slept through the night. It was a little after four a.m. Saturday.
Sloniker investigated and found a bullet hole in her kitchen wall.
She saw the bullet had flown through her kitchen and into the door of a storage room.
A second bullet hit her house, but it didn't make it inside.
The shots came from the second story of the home behind Sloniker's.
The people inside supposedly saw a masked man and fired out at him through their own window.
"It was pretty scary because this neighborhood is pretty quiet most of the time so I didn't expect that," Sloniker said.
Sloniker says just ten minutes before the gunshots, her husband was in the kitchen and leaving for work.
It terrifies her to imagine what might have been.
"I think having a weapon comes with a lot of responsibilities," Sloniker said.
She was not able to get in touch with her neighbors who saw the masked man.
Sloniker plans to discuss the matter with her HOA this week.