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Bullet narrowly misses woman's head

Posted at 11:40 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 02:40:30-04
A Las Vegas woman went diving for cover as a bullet came crashing through her window Wednesday night.
Amber Morrill-Helms says the bullet missed her head by inches.
"I lean over and open up my blinds to see if it was raining and the next thing I know, I hear, I actually see the glass and that first and then I hear it," Morrill-Helms said. 
Morrill-Helms says she just had time to react.
"My ears start ringing and I throw myself on the ground," Morrill-Helms said.
As she lay on the ground for cover, she started trying to figure out what happened.
"I didn't know if it was a rock or a bullet.  I thought I was just over reacting," Morrill-Helms said.
That’s when she looked at her window.
"You can see here where the actual bullet went through," Morrill-Helms said.
Teresa Canote came home to her roommate panicked.
They then began tracking the debris through the bedroom to amber's closet.
"You can see here where the actual bullet went through," Morrill-Helms said.
"I was like holy crap maybe it’s in my closet," Canote said. "Sure enough the bullet is sitting right there on a duffel bag."
The pair says they immediately knew where the bullet came from, pointing to the caves half a mile away.
"We always hear gunshots," Canote said.
The roommates aren't alone.
Others in the neighborhood say the caves are a constant problem.
"Why would you be shooting in the direction of the neighborhood," Joshua Wertspaugh said.  "Why would you think that was even acceptable?"
Morrill-Helms reported the shooting to police, but says she is being realistic knowing it is likely a low priority since nobody was injured.
She just hopes people shooting in the desert will use common sense in the future.
"The people who probably did it probably have no idea," Morrill-Helms said. "There are desert and mountains in the two other directions.  Go ahead and shoot in those other directions."
The roommates and their neighbors are hopeful police will keep a closer eye on what is going on at the caves in the future.
13 Action News plans to check with police on their enforcement activity in the area Friday.