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Bright Westgate Las Vegas sign causing problems for neighbors

Posted at 11:34 PM, Feb 05, 2018

While Westgate Las Vegas touted the 15,000-square-foot LED display added to its outdoor sign as a major upgrade, neighbors call it a major headache. 

"I've been sleeping in my guest room. I can't sleep in my own bedroom," Bob Savitt said from his living room in Turnberry Place. 

Savitt lives in the shadow of the 28-story nightmare, that is if you consider anything under the 5.6 million pixel screen a shadow. 

He says he can't even watch TV in his living room because of the constant flashing as the screen runs through a two and a half minute cycle of advertisements. 

Savitt isn't alone. 

"My wife actually has trouble sleeping now. She compares it to Chinese water torture," said Paul Werner, president of the Turnberry Towers West Unit-Owners Association.

Those who live near the 28-story sign say it is driving them insane. 

They are trying to work with the property's leadership to strike a balance but say it has been a struggle the past month or so. 

"I am hoping we are dealing with some growing pains in terms of getting the sign dialed in," said Paul Buller, president of the Turnberry Place Community Association. 

Buller and Werner met with leaders of the Westgate in late January. 

They both walked away from that meeting hopeful things were moving in the right direction, with many residents saying the sign appeared dimmer in the weeks since the meeting. 

The company released a statement to 13 Action News following that meeting saying:  

“We pride ourselves as a great neighbor and anchor of the neighborhood since 1969. The LED displays were recently added to the Westgate marquee and we appreciate all feedback from property guests and residents of the area.” 

Longtime residents agree with that statement. 

"Up until now, Westgate has been a good neighbor to us," Werner said. 

That is until last weekend when residents in both Turnberry Towers and Turnberry Place reported an increase in brightness once again. 

"It was disappointing when the intensity went back up this weekend," Buller said. 

Now the residents and the leaders of their respective associations are heading back to the drawing board in hopes of finding some relief that will allow them to enjoy their balconies and the beautiful views they paid for.  

"For a short period of time I thought it was better, or maybe I hoped it was better.  But it is just as bad now as it was in the beginning," Savitt said. 

A Westgate spokesperson did not reply to a request for comment for our story Monday.