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WATCH: Inequality in education, a 13 Action News special

Posted at 6:25 PM, Aug 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 02:35:11-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Bridging the Divide is a 13 Action News series that discusses race and equality in Las Vegas.

In this community discussion, we address inequality in education. How race, class and gender still impact how students are treated.

The full special can be seen here:

Bridging the Divide: Inequality in education a 13 Action News Special

Topics from the special:

Challenges that students face:

Bridging the Divide: Challenges that students face

School counselor talks about challenges:

Bridging the Divide: School counselor talks about challenges

CCSD trustee talks about equal opportunity:

Bridging the Divide: CCSD trustee talks about equal opportunity

What has worked in public schools:

Bridging the Divide: what has worked in public schools

What can parents do?

Bridging the Divide: what can parents do

How to overcome systemic bias:

Bridging the Divide: how to overcome systemic bias

Student panelist speaks about experiencing racism:

Bridging the Divide: student speaks about experiencing racism

Can distance learning help end inequalities?

Bridging the Divide: can distance learning assist with inequalities?

Connect 2 Compete program:

Bridging the Divide: connect 2 compete program

How to get all students equal access:

Bridging the Divide: how to get all students access

Are students concerned about distanced learning?:

Bridging the Divide: are students concerned about distance learning

The digital divide among students:

Bridging the Divide: digital divide amongst students

Is there a lack of cultural understanding in schools?

Bridging the Divide: A lack of cultural understanding within schools

Bullying on social media:

Bridging the Divide: Bullying on social media

Who can parents turn to for support?

Bridging the Divide: Who can parents turn to if they aren't getting support