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Brian Head Resort opens after massive wildfire

Posted at 11:09 AM, Jun 29, 2017

A massive wildfire forced 700 residents and visitors to evacuate the town of Brian Head, Utah. But thanks to the efforts of firefighters, those left without a home for the past two weeks will finally get to return.

According to the Cedar City and Brian Head Tourism Bureau, the evacuation order has been lifted for both Brian Head and Dry Lakes areas on June 30. Acess to Brian Head is now open through Cedar Breaks National Monument (Highway 148) and Highway 14 in Cedar Canyon. 

Highway 143 from Parowan to Brian Head and from the junction of Highway 148 to Panguitch remains closed until further notice.

Brian Head Resort will also open for summer activities on July 1, though many mountain biking and hiking trails will remain closed. These closures include Marathon, Mace's, Sydney Peaks, Bunker Creek, Dark Hollow, and Scout Camp.

"The effects of the fire on our Brian Head residents and businesses will be felt for some time," said Maria Twitchell, Director of Cedar City and Brian Head Tourism Bureau. "We hope that people will come up to Brian Head and support those fine folks as they get back on their feet." 

For more information on the fire, visit www.utahfireinfo.gov