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UPDATE: Coroner rules Panaca bomber shot himself after igniting explosive

Posted at 11:59 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-17 21:30:22-04

LATEST: The Clark County coroner has officially identified the man who died in the explosion in Panaca as Glenn Franklin Jones, 59, of Arizona.

Officials ruled he died from a gunshot wound to the head but blunt force injuries from the explosion also contributed to his death, which has been ruled a suicide.

The coroner believes Jones shot himself after igniting the explosive device.

UPDATE 2: The FBI is now investigating the motorhome owned by Glenn Jones, the man accused of detonated a deadly blast in Panaca after police find explosives inside his RV in Kingman, Arizona.

The bomb squad detonated ten explosive devices at the Zuni Village RV Park. They were the terrifying remnants, police say, of bombs left behind by Jones.

Nettie Conklin and her husband park their motorhome next to the area where Glenn Jones used to live in his RV. “This is some scary stuff,” Conklin said. “that doesn’t sit well with me.”

It shakes up Conklin to think that her next-door neighbor is accused of building bombs. “He could’ve ruined my husband and my lives along with my dogs, along with how many other people?” Conklin asked.

Police towed away Jones’s RV and reopened the park so the 100 people forced to leave could return to their homes.

Ray Brayman lives on the other side of Jones’s RV space. Brayman says Jones acted strangely benevolent in the days leading up to the explosion that would take his life.

“Three hundred bucks,” Brayman said, referring to the among of money Jones left for him. “That was surprising, and he said maybe this would help you with the rent.”

Brayman says Jones that gave him additional $140 and food. Brayman never had any idea anything was wrong.

When asked if he thought these were jones’s last acts before taking his own life, Brayman said, “No.”

Police detonated five devices at another location. They’ve handed over the RV to the FBI so they can continue the investigation.

UPDATE: Police in Kingman, Arizona were still on the scene Friday afternoon where they say numerous improvised explosive devices have been found inside of a motor home.

Earlier, police evacuated about 100 people in Zuni RV park while they searched for explosives believed connected to blasts that killed one person in a rural Nevada community named Panaca.

Police detonated explosives that were found inside the RV. Police say the suspect, Glen Jones had 40 pounds of bomb-making materials inside his RV, some already assembled.

A neighbor of Jones says the suspect crafted bombs while in the Army and was depressed following a series of personal tragedies.
Dennis Sanders said he knew Glenn Jones through church and tried to help him overcome depression after his wife's death and his mother's suicide.
Sanders said Friday that Jones told him he had bought the gun his mother used to kill herself.
Sanders also said Jones built bombs during his Army stint and did demolition work.
But Sanders says he was surprised to hear that Jones set off the blasts that showered shrapnel and debris across Panaca, which is near the Utah border.

KINGMAN, Ariz. (KTNV) -- Zuni RV Park in Kingman, Arizona, was evacuated on Thursday evening.
According to the Kingman Deputy Chief of Police, the evacuation was related to the bombing in Panaca.
Approximately 40 pounds of explosive material has been found in one of the RVs at the park. Several completed devices were also found. Police still need to go through at least one storage shed in the park.
About 100 people were evacuated from the RV park on Thursday night. They were sent to a shelter at Kingman High School although some people chose to stay in their vehicles. Police say that there could be more people evacuated as the investigation continues Friday.
The manager of the RV park told 13 Action News that the suspected bomber had only been renting a space at the park for about 6 months. He apparently told the manager that he was looking for a job and was angry at a former employer. The manager also said that the suspect was giving away money to other tenants at the park last week.