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Brazyl Ward, 8 Years after Halloween Tragedy

Posted at 6:07 AM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 09:12:24-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Tragedy struck one valley family exactly eight years ago on Halloween night.

You may remember the name Brazyl Ward, a sweet and spunky young girl whose life was changed forever following a hit-and-run.

At just six-years-old Brazyl Ward went from celebrating Halloween like any kid does, dressing up and trick or treating, to being involved in a terrible accident and an even tougher recovery.

Over the years,13 Action News has stayed in touch with the Ward family.

Tiffany Ward, Brazyl's mother, says she encourages people to have fun this Halloween, but to be safe on the roads whether you're driving in a car or walking in front of one.

“We were trick-or-treating and decided to go to the trunk or treat event and as we were leaving the event we were crossing the street and a car going about 80 miles an hour we were told came out of nowhere we all had to jump out of the way and unfortunately Brazyl was hit and she was given only a 10% chance of survival but she beat the odds,” said Tiffany Ward.

Brazyl is now dedicating her second chance at life to being a safety advocate.

Her parents, Tiffany and Brandon, now amplifying her voice by joining forces with organizations like Zero Fatalities, and publishing a book about overcoming tragedy.

“It’s been a healing process because I just remember the first year, and counting down to the next Halloween and what was it was going to be like, and trying to just defeat it and not let it defeat us. But as Brazyl begins to get older it’s a complete safety message all around, not just on Halloween, but be a safe driver and safe pedestrian every day,” said Brandon Ward.

When asked how the community has supported them over the years, Tiffany became overcome with gratitude.

“It has been an abundance. Still to this day, eight years later, we see so much support from the community," said Tiffany.

“Seeing how people reacted to her situation and how they wanted to help saying, "I now believe in God again" or "Now I wanna live my passion", it just really is a beautiful thing to inspire others,” said Brandon Ward.

With no arrests and no new leads on the hit-and-run, Brazyl and her family are still hopeful they’ll get answers one day. For now, preventing similar tragedies is top of mind, especially as children across the valley prepare to hit the streets this weekend.

"For her to only have had only a 10 percent chance of survival, and I can say eight years later I can sit here and hold my baby's hand, that means the absolute world to me," said Tiffany Ward.

Brazyl says she’s excited about celebrating Halloween this year but has a message for drivers and families who plan on being out this weekend.

“If you’re out for Halloween be safe, and stay strong,” said Brazyl Ward.

In which her mom replied, "Best Words Ever".