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WATCH: Brawl breaks out at Venetian, guard waits for backup

Posted at 9:19 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 02:14:26-05
The fists fly, a camera rolls and a security guard stands by watching.
Two women gang up on another. They punch her, grab her by the hair and tumble to the ground as she kicks one of her attackers in the stomach.
A security guard in the foreground stands and watches for 25 seconds before trying to break it up.
The video of the fight is on Facebook. It happened early Wednesday morning inside The Venetian hotel-casino.
Hotel guests like Anja Rusch want to know: why didn't that guard jump in sooner?
"I would feel unsecure because it means I could walk around. They could do something to me. It would just not matter. They are not doing their job," Rusch said.
Katja Kohler asks how could this have happened in the first place?
"You could walk around and something could happen to you and they would just walk around and stand there and just watch," said Kohler.
Another guard jumped in about 27 seconds into the fight and shouted: "Guys let go or you're getting sprayed!" She finally sprays the women to split them up.
13 Action News asked The Venetian why the guard waited so long before acting. A spokeswoman, in a statement, wrote "the security guard in the video followed protocol and the situation was resolved without injuries." 
The man who posted the video said he works at a nightclub in a casino. He said it is standard procedure for security guards to wait for backup before trying to break up a fight.
Guests tell 13 Action News they feel safe at the hotel.